Who is Aergia and What’s She Doing in My Blog?

Perhaps Aergia looks like this.

Depression is often equated with sadness.

If depression is situational, brought on by a death, for instance, sadness may be a major component.

Clinical depression, on the other hand, at least for me, is not defined by sadness – that would mean that I felt something.  For me depression is more a lack of  feeling, a loss of vitality, a guilt-ridden sense of indolence, laziness or sloth.

Sloth?  And  who is the goddess of Sloth but Aergia, according to the ancients Greeks.  The goddess of sloth and laziness and idleness and indolence and perhaps depression!  I feel a kinship with her so why not name my blog after her.  

I guess depression has been around a long time. Welcome to my blog, Aergia!


Disclaimer.   I am, in actual fact, the daughter of Ellen Godwin, nee Vallis, a wonderful woman who in no way resembled Aergia.  I am Aergia’s daughter merely in a metaphorical sense.

Photo: Flaming June by Frederic Leighton on Wikipedia

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  1. Yes, depression has been around for a long time and I believe most of us feel depressed at times.
    I do not mean to ‘make light’ of your depression in quoting Jan Arden, who said “Being down and out and feeling depression is as important as feeling joy.” I believe this, but sometimes it just stays too long and that cannot be pleasant.
    Your swan painting is beautiful, serene and peaceful and I hope you will paint more. I throughly enjoyed Capture the Castle. Keep blogging, keep painting and keep informing………and keep searching for answers.💛

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    1. I am glad you found this blog, Carol. I had not blogged in over two years and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. It is great therapy and a great way to get up in the morning. I am writing for myself more than anything but I love the back and forth of commenting. Sometimes I don’t even know what I think until I see what I’ve written. Haha. I am not going to publicize this blog on Facebook but I am sending an email soon to those whom I think would appreciate it. Please feel free to share anything you see or pass the url to anyone.


    2. Jan Arden is, undoubtedly, correct in saying that we all need to experience sadness, pain,grief, etc. as well as experiencing joy, happiness, elation. The negative emotion only heightens the positive and makes us appreciate the good times more.
      But sometimes we confuse the down and out “depressed” feeling with a recognized illness that stays with you all of your life. No one needs to experience that any more than they need to experience cancer.Fortunately, My depression is controlled by medication most of the time and I an generally a happy, upbeat person. But when depression breaks through as it does sometimes, no, it is not pleasant.

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  2. I am so pleased that you included me in your blog contacts. I am really interested in all I can know about depression. Looking forward to reading your recommended readings. Shall be trying some of strategies myself. Good luck . Love your choice of blogs name plus the LLL description. Lol.

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