Me Talking: BellLetsTalk

Today is BellLetsTalk Day, an initiative by Bell Canada to raise awareness and combat stigma surrounding mental health in Canada.  The corporation donates money to mental health based on the number of texts, tweets, and usages of their hashtag #Bellletstalk on the given day.

It’s a great idea. Kudos to them even if it is a great source of publicity for them. Awareness is key. I do not think you can truly understand any form of mental illness unless you have lived with it, just like you cannot truly understand the effects of prejudice or bigotry unless you have been subjected to them.  But bringing the issue to the forefront, by highlighting it and making it an everyday matter, we may make mental health and mental illness real, not just something to be spoken of in hushed terms.  (Actually, someone did just that when talking to me a few days ago.)

Kudos to Liz and Bobbi who posted about mental health on Facebook.

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  1. i used to work with charity who took care about people you has mental problems, but society must change everywhere, others ways nothing will change

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