1. I am an Atheist also. My local Free Thinkers group hands out pamphlets, at things like a Multicultural, or Anti-Violence Festival, if people approach them. They do not go door-to-door, and they certainly don’t have blank handouts.
        I did not think that you were a Christian, who had designed and published that cartoon. Rather, it seems (to me) to be another clumsy swipe at Atheists’ lack of faith and belief – and empty minds and souls. It much resembles the Atheist man vs. little girl joke in my ‘That’s Not Funny’ post. https://archonsden.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/thats-not-funny/
        Keep preaching to them. They’ll come around eventually.

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  1. I guess I looked at it on a superficial level, laughing at myself and others. I live in a small town where I imagine there are few atheists and if there are,they dont talk about it. I have heard very little against atheists because I express those views only to similarly minded people. When you have been subject to verbal abuse aout atheism as you probably have, you would take a different view of the cartoon., no doubt.


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