Me Talking: Painting my Days



A few days ago I had a wonderful idea after reading a blog post by Karla from Chronically fabulous Crochet.

I decided to paint a mood picture in acrylic with a palette knife.This painting  would reflect my feelings during 2019. I would use a dab of colour each day, the colour used depending on the kind of day I had.  I would use tints, tones, shades, and pure colour. A shade would mean a bad day; a tone, a so-so day; a tint, a good day. A dab of pure colour would indicate a fantastic day; black, a horrible day.

Tint ……………….. Colour +White

Tone ……………… Colour +Gray

Shade ……………. Colour +Black



I went back to January 1st and tried to  remember what  my days  were like during that period.  But I ran into a problem with the gradations of colour.  Three steps – bad, so-so, and good were simply not enough  in my spectrum of moods.  Moods or emotional states are simply too complex for that.  Nevertheless, I will not be discouraged and my progress thus far is shown above.

This is the largest canvas I have worked on, My idea of a dab a day was unrealistic for such a large picture so I decided on 5 dabs per day.  I have decided to record my mood each day of the month but paint only once a month. Otherwise I would have to be constantly preparing and wasting a lot of paint. Also, my palette knife is missing and the one I am using is of a different design.  Nevertheless, I shall continue. Any idea what it is?


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