Me Talking: My Last Spoon Theory Post, I Promise

spoon-theory (2)

This is my last post on Spoon Theory, I promise. But I thought that this infographic from Ashleyleia at Mental Health@Home  was too good not to share.

On the topic of spoons I have to announce that my requirements are decreasing.  After years of needing at least four spoons to get going in the morning,  no matter what time I awoke, I am now down to two. (We are talking about a 12 spoon day here.) And I feel refreshed when I get up, not wanting to go immediately back to bed.

Preparing the evening meal now requires only about two spoons as compared to four.  I have cooked supper (dinner)  four days in a row and I am doing so again today. Don’t know the last time that happened.

Anyway I guess I’ll just knock on wood and hope it continues.

  I’m going to have to look for a way to use these extra spoons! Any ideas?


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