Me Talking: My Blog So Far

Mood Painting FebruaryIt’s the end of another month. It’s been a so-so/good one as can be seen from the new colours in my mood painting

A few observations about my blog thus far:

  1. Since I started my blog on January 21, I have created 22 posts and have 44 followers.
  2.  I have had 169 visitors, 669 views, 75 likes, and 34 comments
  3. I have had visitors from: Canada, the U. S., India, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Singapore, France, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong SAR China, Vanuatu, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, Finland, Lebanon. Nepal, Philippines, Austria, Netherlands and the European Union
  4. My most popular post was Me Talking: The Spoon Theory on February 18th. I was pleased to see that Me Talking: Andrew Solomon: The Secret We Share was one of the most popular. The video on this post is well worth watching.


Buddy, also,  has done very well since he has started posting again. Don’t forget to follow Buddy at

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