Me Talking: My Blog So Far


Tree Painting
Mood painting

Another month over. I have added to my mood painting. It was another so so/good month as you see from the colours.

Here the update.

  1. In March, my followers have increased to 68, up from 44. I’ve passed the 50 followers mark. Yeah!

  2.  I have had visitors from 24 countries.

  3. I published 16 posts. The favourites were Depression and Reading: The Hidden Life of Trees,   Quotes: Mask and Poetry:Haiku


    1. What a coincidence! The book “Acedia” by Karen Armstrong is currently on my nightstand. I came across the word several years ago when I read her book “The Cloister Walk”. I plan to do a post on acedia and really want to get a handle on it. I consider it a form of depression but in religious circles it was once considered a sin and even now thought of as more of a state of listlessness. It’s neat that you came across it. What did we do without the internet. I learn so much from it every day.

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      1. That is a coincidence indeed! Didn’t know about the book, but I did read it once was tied in with sloth as a deadly sin. Religion – at least sometimes – loves to make folks feel even worse than they already do!


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