Me Talking: What Makes Me Happy

I have read a lot about other people’s perception of happiness recently but I thought I would start by looking at what makes me happy. I am not dealing with abstract terms such as peace and love but instead decided to take an idea from Natalie at Grounding Growth and give a list of 50 everyday things which bring me happiness.

50 Happy Things
50 Things That Make Me Hqppy

I’m sure there are many more which I have omitted. Can you think of something else which makes you happy?


  1. In no particular order: David, friends, painting, Laughter, dancing, I Love Lucy show, , sunshine, baby birds, sunsets

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    1. Ah, baby birds and sunsets. I could add those to my list.There are so many little things that make us happy but we rarely think of them in that way and just take them for granted. But our life would be less if we lost even one of them.
      I am so happy that you commented, Jenni. Part of the fun of blogging is knowing that other people are interested in what you post.


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