Reblog: What Inspires Deep Respect Tinged with Awe — Wind Rush

Another list. This time from LuAnne Holder at Wind Rush . This beautiful poem is about things which inspire deep respect tinged with awe. But many times, things that inspire us can also bring happiness.

the written word, words unspoken
wind chimes in a breeze
seasonal changes, all kinds of changes,
even the ones that I fear

children growing into adults
adults remaining childlike
trees planted generations ago
and trees that sprout through sidewalks

the quiet nature of rocks
the flowing nature of streams
the busy nature of squirrels
the gaze of a white-tail deer

the ocean and its mystery
the ebb and flow inside of me
the quiet wisdom of the peaceful old
and the playful wisdom of the curious young

a good cry, waking up
dignity and rhythm
sunning turtles, dragonfly wings
mossy paths to nowhere

maple seed whirligigs
shadows on the lawn
twinkling dew on morning grass
slipping into velvet dreams

-LuAnne Holder


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